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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – There could be a long and pricey summer ahead for motorists, according to AAA. 

The association predicts Oklahoma will beat a 14-year gas record by the end of this week. 

The state is only $0.18 away from beating 2008’s record – the average gas price was $3.95 then.  

“The average gas price in Oklahoma is $3.79. We are $0.18 away from the all-time high for gas in our state,” said Leslie Gamble, Public and Government Affairs Manager for AAA Oklahoma.

The skyrocketing costs force moms, Codie Hardy and Ashley Moss to cancel their children’s spring break trips.

“We were going to go to Phoenix next week for spring break, and we had to cancel,” said Hardy. “If I use extra money in my budget for spring break, I don’t have the extra money in my summer break, which is a lot longer to entertain my children.”

“We used to go to Arkansas to visit his family all the time, but now it’s almost like $200 just to travel for gas,” said Moss.

The average is up 48 cents Wednesday compared to a week ago, up 65 cents from a month ago. It’s at $3.79/gal. Average, up to $0.08 from Tuesday.

Gamble told KFOR the high prices are not going away.

“We think that we are at the beginning of what will be a long and pricey summer related to gasoline costs,” said Gamble.

“I’m having to try and save up for my gas money because it’s so much more now instead of just a quick $20 bill now,” said Moss.

Even though we’re feeling the pain at the pumps, Gamble and Hardy told KFOR, paying high gas prices is only a tiny debt compared to what Ukrainians are experiencing right now.

“For me, it’s partly just a patriotic duty in this time of war that I want to contribute to the help of the Ukrainian people,” said Gamble.

“It’s just it’s so detrimental to not only that community, that country, but it just you can feel the spread throughout the world,” said Hardy.

KFOR reached out to House Speaker Charles McCall’s office to see if lawmakers are considering suspending gas tax and was told the state is not looking to suspend gas tax, and Oklahoma has the second-lowest gas tax in the nation.