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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – If you plan on voting absentee this June, you have more options on validating your ballot.

For the first time, you can either get it notarized or include a copy of your ID. The election board is including a green piece of paper with every ballot to try and help make that clear for voters.

“As you can see, something that stands out in this packet,” Election Board Secretary Paul Ziriax said. “The supplemental instructions that explain that alternative method for verifying your absentee ballot affidavit.”

Ziriax says with the election one month away, the green insert made more sense than reworking the regular instructions.

“Election officials had a matter of days in order to come up with instructions,” Ziriax told KFOR. “We think we did a good job of coming up with some very simple instructions that explain the new option.”

KFOR spoke with voters and asked them to take a look at the voting materials. One seasoned absentee voter said the instructions were pretty straight forward.

“I would read it, and I think as somebody who’s voted with an absentee ballot, it makes sense,” Stephanie Bordelon said. “It could have been written a little more clear.”

We also spoke with a voter that has never voted absentee before. After reading through all of the documents, he said it made sense.

“As long as you get to this piece of paper, I think you will see that you have new options,” Ryan Sullivan told KFOR. “When you’re talking about absentee voting, I think I would make sure that I read everything. So it seems pretty straightforward to me.”

The one confusing part for both voters was how to actually go about using a copy of your ID instead of getting your ballot notarized.

“Is the gist of it that really you can just attach an identification document now? Or is it going to vary if you have a yellow or pink stripe?” Stephanie asked. “That’s the question I ask.”