YUKON, Okla. (KFOR)- Yukon residents gathered outside of the Yukon Cinema 5 movie theater Wednesday as a local wrecking company began tearing it down.

A former Yukon Cinema 5 employee, Sarah Goodard said the movie theater has been a city landmark for decades.

Goodard got her first job at 16 years old working for the movie theater where she was trained by her now-husband, Blake.

“We started dating in October of 2002, so we’ve been together 20 years this year,” said Goodard. “We were watching ‘Catch Me If You Can’ with Leonardo DiCaprio when we had our first kiss here.”

Four years later, Goodard got married in the Yukon Cinema 5’s theater four.

When Goodard was asked how it felt watching the theater get bulldozed, she said, “It’s the end of an era.”

Another former Yukon Cinema 5 employee and co-worker of Goodard’s, Doug Schwarz told KFOR he’s sad to see a landmark get torn down.

“It’s absolutely heartbreaking and it gives you a really sick feeling in the gut. It’s almost like seeing your home you kind of grew up in get torn down,” explained Schwarz.

Schwarz, too, started working with the movie theater when he was 16 and it was his first job.

He said the theater was a way of escaping reality where he could hangout with friends and co-workers who were like family.

Schwarz added over the years, he would see the theater get upgrades, but once it was shut down, he was hoping someone would “salvage it.”

The Yukon Cinema 5 being torn down Wednesday afternoon. KFOR Photos.

According to American Asset Management, the leasing company that oversees Chisholm Shopping Center where the theater sits, that plot will be turned into more parking spaces.

The company demolishing the site is Midwest Wrecking and Demolition Company.

The Vice President for Midwest Wrecking and Demolition Company, Chris Kates told KFOR demolition ended Wednesday evening at five.

Kates added crews will be back to finish the demolition Thursday morning at 7:30.

“We ought to finish up late next week with the entire project. They should have the building down today and tomorrow and then just be hauling the rest of the time,” stated Kates.