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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An accused murderer is back in jail after escaping with another inmate using a makeshift rope.

Pablo Robledo was in jail for first degree murder after a shooting in March 2019.

His cellmate, Jose Hernandez was in jail for alleged rape, sexual battery and burglary.

“We put our most dangerous people up on the 12th floor just as extra precaution; they’re both very dangerous individuals,” Jail Administrator Greg Williams said.

The two inmates broke out a window on the 12th floor and scaled down the side of the Oklahoma County Jail using a makeshift rope made of bedsheets and paper products.

During the escape, Hernandez couldn’t hold on, telling police he fell when he reached the fourth floor and broke his leg.

He was found around 7 a.m. When they did a search of the jail, they realized Robledo was nowhere to be found.

Police found Robledo in a southwest Oklahoma City neighborhood.

A person living nearby told KFOR he may have been at his father’s house. Authorities didn’t specify, but said he did come out of a park at some point.

“We used all kinds of techniques and investigative techniques to try and locate him, and once again we were successful in getting him back into custody,” Johnny Kuhlman with the U.S. Marshals said.

Leaders with Oklahoma City’s Fraternal Order of Police say they’e deeply concerned by what happened.

“Obviously something failed here. You got to have a lot of sheets to climb down 12 floors. So what else is going on?” Larry Grant, FOP president, said.

The full FOP statement is as follows:

“The Oklahoma Coutny Sheriff’s Office Fraternal Order of Police lodge 155 wishes to express our deep concern for the escape of two inmates one of which is a murder suspect, from the Oklahoma County Jail Trust Authority.

We feel that this event is primarily the result of Commissioner Kevin Calvey’s dirty politics, rush to create the jail trust and lack of knowledge in jail operations. We also believe this is cause for Calvey’s immediate removal from the Jail Trust Authority board of directors. Calvey has made wild ironeous accusations of mis- management against the sheriff. While he in fact has created political situations that have undermined the sheriff. Calvey has always said it was not the money. Well since the jail trust took over the jail they have been in the news for issues with inmate commissary, inmates being feed dinner at 1 am, bugs and roaches in the building. Calvey has tried to blame these things on the sheriff. Well, these things along with the sewage and mold have been brought to the Board if Commissioners multiple times by this lodge to protect those detention officers and deputies working in the jail while they were members of this lodge. This lodge also had an independent study done on the air quality and mold in the jail. That report was provided to the Board of Commissioners. It was ignored.”

In a statement, Calvey pointed the finger at Sheriff P.D. Taylor, who recently handed the jail over to the Trust. The statement reads:

“Sheriff Taylor had the responsibility to maintain the jail, including the windows through which the inmates escaped, and Taylor failed. Sheriff Taylor also allowed 2 inmates to escape in the past several months when he had sole responsibility for the jail. Taylor was given millions of dollars to maintain the jail and its vehicles and to spray for bugs, but he spent the money instead on military vehicles and other unnecessary items. The legacy of Taylor’s mismanagement is more fully being exposed now, and the Trust management is fixing the problems as they come to light.”

Sheriff Taylor fired back with his own statement, which is as follows:

“At a time when we should be celebrating great work by the law enforcement community for their outstanding work tracking down an Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Authority escapee facing murder charges, Oklahoma County Commissioner Kevin Calvey sends out an anti-law enforcement release full of misinformation. He also deflects from his responsibilities to the jail.

Years ago, Oklahoma County reinforced jail windows with metal grates after the building opened due to poor design. These escapees had to cut through those grates, and no one at the jail noticed, so how is that my fault? They hoarded bed sheets for their escape, and were free for more than an hour and Jail Trust administration didn’t even know until outside law enforcement notified them, that’s not my fault. Enough is enough.

During my time at the jail I found $3-million in savings and sent that money back to county. Under my leadership we reduced jail deaths by 83%, we spent more than $30,000 over the past 3-years addressing pest control issues at the jail. Military surplus vehicles acquired by this agency before I was elected sheriff, I disposed of those vehicle after being elected my first year. We remain committed to helping the Trust succeed, but we aren’t going to let Commissioner Calvey’s easily disproven allegations distract us from our commitment to protecting the public.”