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NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – A hailstorm pummeled Norman, Newcastle and other Central Oklahoma areas Wednesday night, causing massive damage, and AccuWeather estimates the cost to be high.

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The hailstorm’s impact on a Bridgecreek home. Courtesy of by Kristi Passmore.

AccuWeather, a renowned weather forecast and warning source, estimates that the hailstorm caused a combined $3.5 billion in damage and economic loss across communities around Norman and San Antonio and Fort Worth, Texas – the areas hit hardest by the hailstorm.

“AccuWeather bases its analyses on incorporating independent methods to evaluate all direct and indirect impacts of the storm and is based on a variety of sources, statistics and unique techniques AccuWeather uses to estimate damage,” an AccuWeather news release states. “The estimate includes damage to homes, businesses and cars, job and wage losses, automobile crashes and medical expenses, power outages and school closures. The estimate also accounts for the costs of cleanup operations.”

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Giant hail at Crossroads Boulevard in Norman. Courtesy of Jordan Canary.

Hail rained down fast and furious in Central Oklahoma.

Business owners and homeowners across Norman reported extensive damage caused by hail.

Norman car dealerships were especially impacted, with hail shattering windshields and knocking dents into new vehicles throughout their lots. With windshields shattered, rain found its way into vehicles and damaged interiors.

Scores of Norman, Newcastle and Bridgecreek residents emailed KFOR photos and videos of hail, many pieces over two inches and, in some cases, almost as large as an adult hand.