ADA, Okla. (KFOR) – A pastor’s wife, who confessed to asking her lover to kill her husband, was sentenced to life in prison.

The judge said he made this decision after going all of the evidence, including letters the wife sent to her lover and another inmate while in jail, and letters to the judge from her family. He said they showed two different kinds of people, leading him to believe the remorse she showed on the stand was new.

“Her remorse is real and it was there from the very beginning,” said defense attorney Joi Miskel.

Kristie Evans, 49, was sentenced to life with the possibility of parole, a day after she testified that she asked her lover, Kahlil Square, to shoot and kill her husband, Pastor David Evans.

Evans testified the pastor, of Freewill Harmony Baptist Church, was depressed. His fix came from porn and sex. Over the last several years of the marriage, Evans said her husband would find men on Craigslist to have sex with his wife, for his enjoyment.

“She has served her sentence for 30 years of abuse,” said Miskel.

Evans testified she did it out of fear, because of her husband’s numerous threats to kill her, himself, her parents, or one of their kids.

Kahlil Square, responded to one of the ads. She said she quickly fell for him and thought she was in love.

Prosecutors claimed she used the 26-year-old to shoot her defenseless husband while he slept, after Evans found out about Square’s prior stabbing conviction.

Evans later confessed at the Ada Police Department, claiming she did it to escape 30 years of emotional, physcial, financial, and sexual abuse.

Prosecutors said Evans repeatedly lied in interviews with an OSBI Agent. The agent testified Evans said if there was a problem with her husband, she could stay with her parents or one of her adult children.

“She had options. She chose the worst one,” said Prosecutor Tara Portillo. “You don’t get to kill someone because they’re mean.”

Portillo also noted Evans and Square discussed how they’d spend her husband’s $250,000 life insurance policy. Allegedly promising Square her husband’s vehicles.

“There was never any specific amount or anything,” said Miskel. “The policy went to the children. I personally witnessed her signed that over to her children so that she didn’t receive a penny from that.”

The state read parts of some of the messages Evans sent to Square and another inmate from jail, shortly after the murder. Prosecutors said Evans joked about the crime and bragged she was so good in bed she could convince any man to kill her husband for her.

During the sentencing, the judge noted she did not show remorse or concern for her family. The judge told Evans he could only assume the person who wrote those letters is the person she really is.

“Kristie received positive feedback from her husband when she would perform sexually for him. That’s how she’d been conditioned over 30 years,” said Miskel. “This is what I was trained to do to get a positive response.”

Evans’ daughter,  Brittney Long, testified her father abused her and her brothers emotionally and physically.

In a letter to the judge, Long wrote in part “My mom feels guilt and remorse for how things have turned out, but I think she also feels joy in being free from the chains my father had placed on her.”

Evans will be eligible for her parole when she is in her 80’s.