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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A 24-year-old Oklahoma City man said he and his sister, both adopted, lost their mother due to COVID-19.

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Santanio and LaDonna Douglas

Sixty-three-year-old LaDonna Douglas died on Valentine’s Day from the virus that was first confirmed in our state nearly one year ago.

“Oh, man, she was my angel,” said Santanio Douglas, LaDonna’s adopted 24-year-old son. “I can’t even explain the pain I feel.”

Santanio described LaDonna as a “superhero” to he and his 23-year-old sister China, who was also adopted by LaDonna. She died just days after testing positive for the virus.

“It just kind of hit us really hard,” Douglas said. “We didn’t expect it to turn out the way it did.”

Douglas said the nightmare started when he got a call while he was in Denver visiting friends. LaDonna went to the doctor, but only for a routine checkup. However, she didn’t know she would never return home.

“She said, ‘I’m feeling a little sick,’” Douglas said. “She ended up staying in the hospital for the past seven days.”

According to Douglas, doctors said it was lack of oxygen due to the virus that eventually caused her death. Douglas and his family were unable to go see her or even say their goodbyes because of hospital restrictions.

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LaDonna with her daughter China and son Santanio when they were young.

“But I know she’s with God and she’s in a good place now,” Douglas said.

Douglas was adopted by LaDonna at age seven. His sister was 5 years old when LaDonna took her in. He said they’ve spent their whole lives looking up to the retired lawyer, who they said fostered about 20 other kids in the community.

“She was really my inspiration with everything,” Douglas said.

The nation surpassed the 500,000-death mark due to COVID-19 early this week. In Oklahoma, the death toll sits at just over 4,200. LaDonna is unfortunately now among them as Douglas and his family struggle to deal with their loss.

“Be cautious of COVID-19, man,” Douglas said. “It just sucks.”

On top of this situation, Douglas said his sister China were in a car accident. She broke her leg and cracked a rib. He said the hospital had to stop treatment due to his mother’s death and the loss of her insurance.

Douglas also said this caught the family off guard and they have created a GoFundMe account where donations can be made to help him and his sister pay for doctor’s bills and funeral expenses.

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