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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – David Ostrowe, Secretary of Digital Transformation and Administration, announced he plans to take legal action against former attorney general Mike Hunter, General Counsel of the Oklahoma Insurance Department, Kim Bailey, and possible other state agencies. 

“We are all victims when unscrupulous people in power abuse that power,” David Ostrowe, Secretary of Digital Transformation and Administration, said at a Wednesday news conference.

At that press conference, Ostrowe announced he plans to file a lawsuit against now-former attorney general Mike Hunter. 

“The time is now to stand up against those who use their political and legal influence to benefit themselves and damage others for their own personal gain,” Ostrowe said. 

Last year, Ostrowe was indicted by Grand Jury following bribery allegations. 

That charge was dropped last week, after Hunter announced his resignation, citing personal reasons, which sources later confirmed to News 4 involve his divorce and an extra-marital affair. 

 “Yesterday, we sent evidence preservation letters to the former attorney general, Ms. Kim Bailey, as well as several state agencies in anticipation of litigation,” Matthew Felty, Ostrowe’s attorney, said. 

Ostrowe’s attorney did not elaborate about Bailey’s involvement. She currently serves as General Counsel for the Oklahoma Insurance Department. 

“The letters require the preservation of cell phones, including burner phones, containing encrypted communication apps, computer hard drives, computer tablets, and computer servers,” Felty said. 

No word on what might be on those computers and cell phones at this time. 

Hunter’s attorney did not reply to our requests for comment. 

In an email sent to News 4, Bailey said, “I am not aware of a lawsuit filed against me.  I have no comment on today’s press conference by David Ostrowe, as I am not familiar with the lawsuit he referenced.”

Communications Director for the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office, Alex Gerszewski, said in a statement: 

“This case was referred to our office by state officials. The process undertaken was identical to every other case brought before the grand jury. Witness testimony is sworn under oath and lying before the grand jury is a felony. The grand jurors heard testimony and made the decision to issue an indictment.”

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“We believe the political motivation against David was driven by things within the AG’s office that were completely ancillary to David’s role as secretary of digital transformation,” Felty said. 

Felty said next, they will be submitting government tort claims act notices and the alleged involved individuals at the state agencies will be given a chance to respond. That process could take 90 days.