OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond has filed a motion to delay death row inmate Richard Glossip‘s execution once again.

Glossip has been on death row for 25 years for the murder of Barry Van Treese.

The case goes back to 1997, when Glossip and Justin Sneed were convicted of killing Glossip’s boss and owner of the Best Budget Inn, Barry Van Treese.

Barry Van Treese and his family
Barry Van Treese and his family

Although Sneed confessed to beating and killing Van Treese with a bat, Sneed testified that Glossip hired him to kill Van Treese.

In exchange for his testimony, Sneed was given a life sentence. Glossip was sentenced to death.

Over the years, Glossip has had his execution date delayed at least seven times.

Glossip’s execution date has moved twice since December 2022.

His current execution date is set for May 18, 2023, after the AG successfully petitioned for an execution delay in January.

Now, AG Drummond wants Glossip’s execution pushed back until after Wade Lay’s execution in June 6, 2024, in order for an independent counsel to complete its comprehensive review of Glossip’s case, conviction and sentence.

“An independent investigation ordered by the Attorney General is still ongoing and the State agrees it is appropriate to permit that investigation to conclude before Mr. Glossip’s execution, so that the State can make a fully informed decision about its position,” reads the motion.

Glossip’s attorneys have also filed for post-conviction relief, saying he did not receive a fair trial and the State did not adequately prove his involvement in Van Treese’s murder.