OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – In this dangerous heat wave, it is a battle to cool a house. Many air conditioning units are struggling to keep up.

“It’s ridiculous,” said Miranda Montgomery. “You just can’t keep up with the AC units.”

Montgomery said she likes to keep her house at a cool 70-degrees.

“When we come home, expecting to come home to a nice cool house and it’s 75-77 degrees,” said Montgomery.

Experts at Suntech Heat and Air said air conditioning units are designed to keep up with 95-100 degrees. Beyond that, they will struggle.

Some believe turning up the AC, while your away from home only to turn it down when you turn, will be more efficient. Experts told News 4 that’s not the case when it is this dangerously hot out.

“Keep it at a comfortable level but maybe not as low as you normally would so it has the opportunity to cycle and not drive your utility bill out the roof,” said Ted Dockrey, with Suntech Heat and Air.

However, experts at Drabek and Hill said there are some things you can do, like making sure your AC unit is the right size for your home.

“The industry standard is about 4-500 square feet per ton,” said JR Hoffman with Drabek and Hill.

You can also give your AC unit a good spray to cool it down and clean it. They stress do not use a pressure washer.

“Keeping water running on it constantly though, there can be hard-metal deposits,” said Hoffman.

Also, make sure to change your air filters.

“Disposable filters are designed to be changed every 90 days,” said Hoffman.

Whatever you do, do not cover your air conditioner. It can potentially damage your AC.

“It’s essentially pulling the heat out of the house,” said Hoffman.

“When you put something on top of it, that air is going to recirculate. Instead of cooling off that unit with already 100-plus degree air now you might be cooling it off with 130 degree air,” said Dockery. “They’re designed to sit in the sun, just let it do its thing.”

Montgomery said her AC is never covered. Until the weather changes, she’s going to do her best to stay cool.

“You can only take off so many clothes,” said Montgomery.