OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – More victims in the Oklahoma City metro are coming forward about a mobile mechanic who is being accused of taking money from several people and then leaving. 

After the original story aired, KFOR was flooded with messages from victims who said they were also targets. 

There is now another metro family without a working car after they trusted a man who goes by Derrick Martin to fix their truck.  

“It’s affected my family. My kids don’t get to go out and, you know, go to different places to play and stuff because of not having a vehicle,” said Craig Reed. 

Craig Reed said he paid Martin $450 for parts to work on his truck. 

After he paid him, Reed never saw him again.  

“I was really surprised. I was like, wow, I just got fooled by somebody that’s obviously been doing this for a while,” said Reed. 

Derrick Martin claims to be a mobile mechanic on social media.  

He gets behind several business names like God’s Garage Mobile Mechanics, Faith on Wheels Mobile Mechanics and Elevation Mobile Mechanics.  

He also changes his Facebook page names frequently, so it’s hard to track him. 

“I was like, okay, you know, this guy’s a Christian… He he’s got to be legit. And then for him to go off and do something like that is like, well, you’re using God’s name in vain to gain money,” said Reed.  

One Oklahoma City grandmother said she was also targeted by Martin.  

“You’re using God’s name. God don’t like ugly, and I don’t know, I’m trying to be nice, but I hope he gets condemned to Hell,” said Angela Pauley.  

She told KFOR she paid Martin hundreds of dollars to fix her truck. Soon after he got the money, he blocked her.   

“I just hope in the end he gets what’s coming to him because it’s not fair. It’s not fair to mess around with people, especially the money and their livelihood,” said Pauley.  

KFOR reporter, Taylor Mitchell was also blocked by Martin on Facebook after the original story aired. 

KFOR tried to get ahold of Martin again on Wednesday by calling him, but KFOR was only able to leave messages.  

This is a part of one of the voicemails KFOR left him: 

“Hey Derrick, this is Taylor Mitchell over at News 4 calling again. We are working on another story. We’ve had several people come forward saying that you’re taking their money and again, we want to get your side of the story… We are going to continue to do stories until we hear from you.” 

“I just hope justice gets served and he gets what’s coming to him,” said Reed.  

Martin has been hard to track down. 

What also makes it hard to reach him is he has no address listed for his businesses. 

Victims told KFOR, he goes to the customer, and there’s no sign of a shop he works out of. 

Martin is described as a muscular African American man with facial hair. He is about 5’10 with tattoos on his left arm and drives a silver or gray Dodge Durango.