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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A crazy statewide crime spree ended in Garvin County. 

“Oh, I’m greatly relieved. I was really afraid he was going to return, come back and get whatever it was he couldn’t get the first time,” said Mark Brown, maintenance manager at Johnson Road Baptist Church. 

An alleged burglar is behind bars in Pauls Valley, but that’s not where his crime spree started. 

In fact, no one knows exactly where it started, but KFOR learned Friday there could be multiple victims. 

“I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I wasn’t ever going to see anything again,” said Brown. 

We first talked with Brown two weeks ago, after his church in Purcell was cleaned out by a burglar. 

“It was a big blow to us, really hurt a lot of people” he told KFOR. 

On Wednesday, a person who could be behind the crimes was caught over 20 miles away in Pauls Valley. 

“One of our local churches here had a door open and there was a truck in the parking lot, so we went to respond and when we got there, we confronted the guy,” said Garvin County Sheriff Jim Mullett. 

The suspect, Sterling Morris, allegedly took close to $10,000 worth of stuff from a church in Pauls Valley. 

“We told him to stop, and he jumped into his truck and took off. A pursuit ensued,” said Sheriff Mullett. 

Police followed him going 100 MPH before Morris turned into the median on I-35. 

He ran into a wooded area and was hiding under a bush for two hours before police caught up to him. 

“They were relentless. They said we’re not going to give up. We’re going to find this guy. It was cold, wet,” said Mullett. 

After Morris’ arrest, Sheriff Mullett says they found pawn shop tickets in his truck. 

Along with other clues, investigators were eventually led to search a home in southwest Oklahoma City.

“It was a two-story house. It was packed from top to bottom, two car garage was full, the back yard was full,” said Brown, who was there to retrieve some of his church’s belonging. 

KFOR investigated further and found court documents that show Morris was a wanted suspect for a church burglary in Cleveland County last year as well. 

The affidavit shows Morris allegedly broke into a shed at a church in south Oklahoma City with a screwdriver. 

“What I’m excited about is that we were able to connect this guy to some other crimes that are taking place and hopefully, get some closure and hopefully get some equipment back to the churches that the equipment belongs to,” said Mullett. 

Investigators are still working to piece all these crimes together but say however it turns out, they’re glad Morris is off the streets. 

“After seeing all the stuff at his house and everything, I thought, boy, if he put that much work into a regular job, he’d be really successful” said Brown. 

Purcell police sent KFOR this statement: 

“Purcell Police Department has been actively working a burglary that occurred at the Johnson Road Baptist Church around the 15th of January. Lead investigator Lt. Kevin Austin developed a person of interest and on 01/28/2020 a search warrant was executed at a residence in SW Oklahoma City. During the course of the search warrant detectives uncovered a large amount of stolen property from other churches around the metro. Purcell detectives were quickly joined by Oklahoma City and Norman Investigators to assist in processing the scene. The person of interest is currently in Garvin County Jail on unrelated charges and has not been officially charge in McClain County at the time of this release.”

Purcell Police Department