NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – It has been four months since three men allegedly raped a woman in a Campus Corner alleyway. She took the stand Wednesday afternoon to recount what she could remember from that night.

Probable cause affidavits show a call went out to Norman Police on December 7 at 1:37 a.m.

Officers responded to the 560 block of Buchanan Avenue for a reported rape.

As law enforcement arrived on scene, the victim explained she was “highly intoxicated when three males forced her to perform oral sex and raped her” in a nearby alleyway.

Surveillance video obtained by Norman Police show three males helping her walk into an alleyway after falling down and vomiting.

That surveillance video also shows all three males performing activities previously described by the victim, according to NPD.

Arkavis Moore, 29, Jacob Howard, 26, and 24-year-old Darius Evans were arrested in December in connection to the case.

Images courtesy Cleveland County Detention

A preliminary hearing was held Wednesday afternoon where the victim, a friend of the victim’s who was there the night of the alleged crime, and a detective working on the case were cross examined.

The victim recalled stopping by Logie’s On The Corner first. She remembers having a total of seven drinks.

She said she was “still coherent,” but as she arrived at the second bar, things got “hazy.”

The victim was accompanied by another female during her night out.

That friend said she went to the bar to order more drinks while the victim walked to the bathroom.

The next thing the victim remembers is being down on her knees in an alleyway adjacent to Sideline Bar and Grill.

“It was very dark. I was severely crying. I was scared,” said the victim.

She said she couldn’t make out who the men were, but she did recall one holding her up while another performed sexual acts on her.

She said the third man involved may have partaken in the incident, but it’s not clear to her.

She was then allegedly pushed down to the ground where her hair was held in someone’s fist.

“Someone was holding me down,” she stated.

She said she constantly cried out “ow” in pain and asked where her friend was.

At one point, the victim said she managed to call her friend but one of the suspects grabbed her phone from her and disconnected the call.

The phone was given back to the victim in which she said she then “butt-dialed” Pawtopia and left a voicemail she has yet to hear.

The victim’s friend, who also took the stand, testified she tried calling the victim about 15 times.

Her calls were only picked up three times.

According to the friend, the victim answered one of the calls while the other two were answered by an unknown man.

She said she could hear her friend “whining” in the background and knew something was off.

As she was frantically looking for her friend, she claims she ran into Moore who allegedly asked her if she was the one calling the victim.

She then found the victim with her pants down in the alleyway and “knew something had happened.”

As the two were picked up from Campus Corner, the victim’s friend said she saw the suspects once more as they were crossing the street and jumping into their car.

She snapped a few photos which were shown as exhibits in Wednesday’s hearing.

She managed to get pictures of the suspects, the car, and a license plate.

A detective with Norman Police took the stand to say with those pictures, they were able to track down the first suspect: Jacob Howard.

Darius Evans, Jacob Howard, and Arkavis Moore in the Cleveland County Courthouse Wednesday afternoon. KFOR photo.

News 4 was unable to stay throughout the entire preliminary hearing, but a representative with the Cleveland County District Attorney’s Office updated us.

All three suspects were bound over for trial and will soon be set for a formal arraignment.

Binding over for trial means the judge has decided the probable cause presented is sufficient for trial.

The three suspects are now required to appear before their assigned judge in district court for an arraignment.

Moore, Howard, and Evans are each being charged with three counts of first degree rape and three counts of forcible oral sodomy.

Moore’s attorney, Rick Rice told News 4 off camera their initial charges struck him as odd because it listed their race.

“Rape-First Degree Conjointly With Two Black Males,” the charge read on December 9.

Those charges have since been changed to reflect all three suspect names.

Rice believes this will be an interesting case that develops.