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EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – Ketamine trafficking and an international prostitution ring were both allegedly found to be running out of a home in the Valencia neighborhood in Edmond.

For the past six months, people living in the 18000 block of Las Meninas Drive in Edmond noticed strange activity at the house directly next to a playground.

Cars from all across the country would frequently show up in the driveway, typically in the middle of the night.

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Then, OBN agents said they got a tip and intercepted a package of ketamine headed for that home.

On Tuesday, agents served a search warrant at the home and found ten pounds of black market ketamine hidden in the crevices of fiber boards stuffed in a cupboard. They believe the drugs originated from China.

“Has a cocaine-like effect and euphoria and is very popular in Southeast Asia right now,” said OBN spokesperson Mark Woodward.

But that’s not all. Agents said they also uncovered an international prostitution ring out of the house.

“There were some women from Asia there who were talking to our investigators and said they performed prostitution for groups that scheduled appointments online,” Woodward said, “mostly from some of these medical marijuana farms in the area.”

Whether they were doing the sex work willingly or if they were the victims of sex trafficking is still under investigation.

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Liu Chunzheng

So far, only 22-year-old Liu Chunzheng has been arrested.

But while KFOR was there, a man in a minivan who neighbors recognized as someone they believe lives there happened to pull up, stopping short at the intersection before slamming into reverse.

He rolled down his window when we approached to talk to him, but when we asked if he knew anything about what was going on in the home or whether he lived there, all he did was say no and shake his head.

Agents said there are other people locally in Oklahoma who are still connected to the home and to the incoming shipments of drugs, so there will likely be more arrests.