KINGFISHER, Okla. (KFOR) – A hazing lawsuit involving Kingfisher Public Schools and their current Kingfisher High School head football coach has been going on for over a year. Now, there is alleged “witness tampering and intimidation” by a former Kingfisher football coach.

The John Doe, who is a former Kingfisher High School football player, alleges there are years of abuse all under one head coach.

There are accusations of coach-sanctioned fights, beatings with a PVC pipe called the “rape stick,” and hazing traditions the lawsuit claims “rose to the level of torture.”

Now in the mix is alleged witness tampering by a former Kingfisher football coach.

News 4 was provided text messages between a former Kingfisher football coach and an alleged victim.

“Specifically, we know that a former Kingfisher football coach recently contacted the player involved in the 2010 incident detailed in Plaintiff’s April 26th demand letter (the incident in which [the head football coach] attempted to squeeze puss from the player’s staph-infected knee, recklessly endangering the player’s health—and his life—in an effort to make him available to play in an upcoming football game),” read an Improper Witness Communications letter sent by John Doe’s attorneys to Counsel, Members of the Board of Education, and Defendant Coaches.

“Hey bro! [I] wasn’t sure if this was still your number or not….but wanted to reach out!,” the former Kingfisher football coach’s initial text read.

“Yes it is! What’s up man?,” said the alleged victim.

“Nice! Ah nothing just workin as usual. I had an out of the blue call yesterday from an attorney dealing with the [Kingfisher] fiasco. Your name came up and I wanted to talk to you about it. I told them I thought this was something you [probably] want to stay out of but I didn’t want to speak for you. If you get some free time holler at me please,” said the former Kingfisher football coach.

“No due disrespect, but I’m staying out of this,” replied the alleged victim.

“For sure. But they are saying you are in it already. That’s why I think [you’re] going to have to tell them you don’t want in it,” stated the former Kingfisher football coach.

The conversation ends there, according to the screenshot News 4 received.

Text messages between an alleged victim and a former Kingfisher football coach. Photo courtesy: John Doe’s attorneys.

“It has recently come to our attention that an individual associated with Kingfisher Public Schools, the Defendants, and the allegations in this lawsuit has attempted to contact a witness in this matter in an effort to dissuade them from participating and providing evidence in support of Plaintiff. Worse still, it appears that these efforts have been undertaken as a result of communications with the School’s / Defendants’ lawyers,” said John Doe’s attorneys. “We demand that this sort of behavior CEASE AND DESIST now. Witness tampering and intimidation is a crime. It is sanctionable. And, when done at the direction of an attorney, it is a violation of our ethical rules and grounds for discipline.This School and its administration have been bullying students and parents for speaking out against bullying and hazing for years.This conduct is a continuation of that practice and goes to the heart of what is wrong in Kingfisher ISD.”

John Doe’s attorneys go on to say they will investigate the matter further.

The former Kingfisher football coach alleged of witness tampering has also been subpoenaed.

Over the course of the last two weeks, News 4 has been in contact with this former Kingfisher football coach.

“‘Alleged’ coach sanctioned. Can guarantee you adults did not sanction this type of activity. Complete witch hunt by an extremely small group of people who have a personal agenda,” he wrote on Twitter on a previous KFOR story about the Kingfisher hazing lawsuit.

He also suggested KFOR dig into other student-athletes who appeared in a video provided to News 4 that shows a Kingfisher locker room fight.

“This will all crumble,” he added. “You and every single news media outlet who have reported on ‘accusations’ are sadly slandering a great man. You have ZERO idea what is truly going on in this situation.”

He also said he hoped there would be an opportunity for the “microphone” to be given to the “silent majority.”

“The truth will come out,” he said.

News 4 asked this former Kingfisher football coach for an interview, but in a phone conversation Thursday afternoon, he declined because he didn’t know if he could legally talk with media.

According to that former coach, he was deposed on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the initial settlement agreement issued by John Doe’s attorneys for $5M and for the coach to be fired has expired as of Thursday.

John Doe’s attorneys are now demanding a settlement of $10M with the same ask of the coach being fired.