GOLDSBY, Okla. (KFOR) – A big tree seedling sale kicks off in Goldsby next week at the Oklahoma Forestry Services’ (OFS) Forest Regeneration Center. 

“Without a doubt, we gear up for this all year long,” Rebecca Dunkleberger, a regeneration specialist. 

The sale starts on Monday, Oct. 2. Customers can visit and place orders for the kinds of trees they want. 

This catalog shows the available options. 

The trees won’t come in until around early springtime. 

“Then we notify our customers when they can either come and pick up the tree or we notify our customers when they can come pick up the trees or when they can expect the trees to be shipped to them,” said Keith Merckx, an information representative for OFS. 

OFS says the offered seedlings are chosen for their ability to meet the challenges of Oklahoma’s tough climate. They add tree planting can be a solution towards some of Oklahoma’s most pressing environmental issues. 

“Things like erosion control, wildlife, habitat building and windbreaks and so, we kind of cater the saplings that we choose to plant based on those four pillars.” said Dunkleberger. “[Addressing these concerns] are all things that I think we all benefit from as a community and a state, and I think we offer a variety to meet that concern.”

The sale runs through March, according to OFS.