MCLOUD, Okla. (KFOR) – The summer is a reminder that one McLoud family’s tradition has returned by popular demand. 

For decades, the Nowakowski Farms has opened its doors bright and early to customers who want to purchase locally-grown sweet corn.

“We haven’t missed a year, and we used to harvest it all by hand,” said Robert Nowakowski.

Robert has stalked his fields for more than 60 years. He told KFOR started hand picking but graduated to machinery, which has helped the family increase productivity.

“We never did this much quantity either,” said Robert. “We started small, but we’ve grown.”

Robert’s family’s natural sweet corn has brought Oklahomans from all over the state.

“We used to have to do this by hand,” said Penny Nowakowski. “We used to pick by hand before we got the corn pickers, and it speeded everything up quite a bit now.”

Hundreds of people have been lining up for three days to get their hands on the golden goodness.

“It’s wonderful,” said a customer. “The corn is wonderful, and they’ve got it going on.”

The sound of profit isn’t what keeps the Nowakowski family motivated; it’s the richness of their legacy.

“You go into any store, and they see your name on the card, and they say, hey, are you the corn people?” said Hayden Nowakowski.

It’s still a labor of love, especially for Hayden, who’s grown up working the fields.

Family members, friends, and kids from surrounding towns jump in to help shuck, bag, sell, and load their corn. It’s hard work, but the family is proud to do it.

“It’s gratifying and humbling all the same time,” said Robert. “Why would they think that this is worth it? We’re happy to serve our community.”

The corn sales are expected to last through Friday. Check out the Nowakowski Farms Facebook page for information on the sale.