OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Amazon is hiring thousands of Oklahomans for full-time, seasonal and part-time jobs. Over 2,000 employees will be hired from the Oklahoma City metro and the pay is well above minimum wage. There’s a job for anyone no matter your background or experience level.  

Amazon said they are offering several different jobs like packing, picking, sorting and shipping. The hourly rates are nearly triple Oklahoma’s minimum wage. 

“I think it’s difficult is trying to find the pay that I’m used to… I’m sure I’ll find some over the next few days, if not Amazon’s hiring out,” said Bronson Maloney, looking for a job. 

Amazon announced there are 3,400 jobs coming to Oklahoma, and 2,200 of those will be hired from the Oklahoma City metro.  

This also includes benefits like access to health, vision and dental insurance starting day one on the job.  

The company said customer fulfillment and transportation employees can earn, on average, over $20.50 per hour for those roles, and up to $28 depending on location. 

“These jobs are great. They pay a lot… Anytime we can give people options, give them more opportunities to join the workforce or to change careers that matters,” said David Crow, Oklahoma Works. 

Bronson Maloney from Oklahoma City said he’s on the job hunt and believes the pay at Amazon will be attractive to those with and without experience. 

“The issue I find with people looking for employment is they want good pay, but they don’t want to actually work… But Amazon and stuff like that, those are great jobs for people who don’t really have a lot of work experience or are just looking for something new,” said Maloney. 

David Crow from Oklahoma Works said the state’s unemployment rate sits at 2.8% right now. 

“You don’t really get unemployment rates much below that ever. So that tells us right now a lot of companies are in demand in terms of needing to help find workers,” said Crow. 

However, he said that means employees are in high demand for business owners in Oklahoma.  

“It’s a job seekers market and employers right now are doing everything they can to help find workers for positions,” said Crow. 

Amazon said, “Since 2010, Amazon has invested more than $4.4 billion in Oklahoma, including infrastructure and compensation to employees, and has created more than 10,000 direct jobs here.” 

“We really appreciate any time companies in the state are looking to expand like this,” said Crow. 

If you’re looking to apply at Amazon in Oklahoma, visit the Amazon hiring website and type in your ZIP code.

Or if you’re looking for something else, Oklahoma Works has job centers located all over Oklahoma. You can click here for more help.