OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Amazon’s electric delivery vehicles are out in full force in Oklahoma City and KFOR got a closer look on Wednesday.

You may have seen them around your neighborhoods or on Oklahoma City roads and highways.

Amazon’s electric delivery vehicles were put in use in OKC in December. Drivers said they have all the bells, whistles and plenty of space to make their jobs much easier. Drivers like Aram Handy said loading up for the workday hits a little different when you get to use one of them.

New Amazon delivery vehicle. Image KFOR.
New Amazon delivery vehicle. Image KFOR.

“Oh, they’re awesome,” he said.

If you’re curious about what’s inside, roughly 300 items can fit in the cargo area and still have enough room to move around. They can also hold a charge for up to 150 miles, which is more than enough for a full route.

“Just like half a charge is all you really need,” Handy said.

Drivers are also using new safety features.

“Over here, you have your 360 view all the way around the van and behind you,” said Janie Culver, a delivery driver trainer as she showed us around the van and pointed out its features.

A main screen allows drivers to see their route and each stop. Automatic braking and locks are now standard along with an automatic door to the cargo area. Handy also said he loves the quiet.

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“It’s very smooth,” he said. “It sounds like a spaceship or vacuum cleaner or something like that.”

A fleet of about 36 electric vans now operate out of their delivery station near SW 44th Street and MacArthur Boulevard. It appears to be a step toward a greener and safer way to delivering your orders. Officials on site told KFOR that they want to have 100,000 of them in their fleet by 2030.