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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A woman was detained in the Oklahoma County Detention Center in July, and while in custody, she was allegedly raped by an inmate that had wandered from his processing cell.

The suspect’s name is Danta Thomas. He was being processed for an assault and battery charge.

While the officer was away processing another inmate, Thomas walked down the hall to a medical cell.

That is where a woman was handcuffed to the wall, defenseless against Thomas.

The details in the probable cause affidavit are disturbing and video surveillance inside the jail captured the entire incident.

The report said the “inmate reaches back with her right hand and appears to try to push inmate Thomas away from her.”

She had her left hand cuffed and tried to resist at least three times.

Thomas was in her cell for about five minutes, according to the report. An officer finally spotted Thomas and placed him in handcuffs.

“We deeply regret the harm that was suffered in this situation,” said Greg Williams, CEO of the Oklahoma County Detention Center, in part of a statement.

Thomas was later released after posting bond.

It took two months for charges to be filed. The incident was on July 19 and the rape charge was officially submitted on September 15.

David Prater, District Attorney of Oklahoma County, said he met with jail trust investigators to review the video on July 20, the day after the incident. He said his office was ready to press charges the same day.

“I instructed the investigators to get me a charging packet, including a probable cause affidavit as soon as possible to get the rape charge filed,” said Prater, in a statement.

The Oklahoma County jail has had one black eye after another. 14 inmates have died while in custody in 2022 alone.

Leadership at the Jail Trust has yet to respond to our requests for comment.

Cherisse Baker, a member of the People’s Council for Justice Reform, said the jail trust is a failure.

“It shows the incompetence that we have allowed to accumulate in our systems over these last few years,” said Baker.

Baker said the jail’s administration does not care for human life. After the July rape, and the over dozen deaths this year, she believes the detention center no longer has credibility.

“That woman is going to live with that for the rest of her life,” said Baker. “The trauma that she’s going to go through, she’ll never be able to put her trust back into a government, a law enforcement system, ever, ever.”