ANADARKO, Okla. (KFOR) – An Anadarko man is facing several charges after attacking emergency room health care professionals. He claimed the police were devils and the antichrist attacking him.

On December 6, 2022 around 2 a.m., Anadarko police said an off-duty officer working security at the Physician’s Hospital of Anadarko called 911, saying William Joe Cozad was causing a ruckus.

Mug shot of William Joe Cozad.
William J. Cozad’s mugshot, Courtesy of the Caddo County Sheriff’s Office

The body cam footage shows when one officer arrives, he peeks through the window and see’s the 31-year-old’s feet flying through the receptionist’s window.

The ER receptionist told officers that she “had been trying to close the window to prevent him from coming inside and William had grabbed her by the hand and shoved the window back open. He then lunged through the window and over her desk where she had been sitting.

“I just see feet going through there and I’m like, ah s***,” said one of the officers to the medical staff.

Once police are inside, officers said they saw Cozad was “sweating profusely and his muscles were rigid and tensed. He appeared to be paranoid and hallucinating.”

“Get these sadist away from me! These guys are the devils and the antichrist! In the name of Jesus Christ, amen,” Cozad can be heard shouting on the police footage.

“I’m Jesus Christ, man. I have a crown of thorns on my f****** head,” Cozad shouts while police try to restrain him. “Send someone to f****** help me.”

Officers struggled for several minutes trying to cuff Cozad. Police write they used three separate tasers to try to get Cozad to comply, “but the taser had no effect.” The officer also says at one point, Cozad tried to grab one of the officer’s stun gun.

“You need to calm down,” said one of the officers. “You guys are going to kill me!” shouted Cozad.

Finally, officers were able to get Cozad’s hands behind his back and his legs restrained.

While being booked into the Caddo County Jail, Cozad admitted to officers that he was high.

“Yes, I’m on meth, I’m on meth,” he said. “I’m on weed!”

“Hospitals should be places of healing, hope, comfort and safety. And yet incidences of violence and intimidation against hospital personnel have increased greatly, especially since the onset of the pandemic. We must do everything we can to ensure the protection of those who care for patients in our hospitals and clinics. Workers who dedicate themselves to saving lives and have sacrificed so much of themselves over the last three challenging years deserve a safe environment in which to deliver care.

OHA is currently pursuing changes to state legislation originally passed in 2020 that will apply aggravated assault and battery to attacks on all personnel working within a hospital. The legislation will also streamline data reporting and make it publicly available so the Legislature and public may understand the prevalence of workplace violence that health care workers encounter.”

Patti Davis, Oklahoma Hospital Association President

Previously, the Oklahoma Nurses Association told News 4 that assaults on health care providers like this are a growing trend across the country.

In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates 73% of all workplace violence incidents that result in injury and time away from work – occur in a health care setting.”

Oklahoma Nurses Association

“I’m telling the truth, I’m Jesus Christ!” shouted Cozad during the struggle.

After everything calmed down, officers learned Cozad was dropped off. Cozad also allegedly told officers he had been “in a coma for four years and was unsure why he needed to be seen medically.”

The report states Cozad damaged the receptionist’s office equipment and personal items.

Now, Cozad is charged with assault and/or battery on a medical care provider, malicious injury to property over $1,000, resisting an officer, and public intoxication.