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STILLWATER, Okla. (KFOR) – Another food truck vendor spoke out Wednesday against the Redbud Balloon Festival that attendees who paid upward of $50 for tickets said wasn’t worth the money.

The numbers continue to add up on people speaking out against the Festival that took place last weekend. The vendor who spoke out Wednesday said she has dealt with their festivals in the past and this most recent one. After this, she said she won’t be doing business with this event organizer again.

“Nothing was going on,” said Melinda Foshee, owner of the Macarena’s Street Café food truck. “People were coming and they were upset.”

It’s been four days since the Stillwater Redbud Balloon Festival took place. Attendees and vendors are still contacting KFOR, saying it wasn’t worth their money.

“You literally paid money to go look at a field,” said Jessica Wells, a woman who attended the festival with her young child.

“I was like, ‘Are we in the wrong place?’” said Carrie Houston, another attendee of the festival who took their young child. “I was so confused and then I got really angry.”

“He was falsely advertising a festival that wasn’t really going to happen,” Foshee said.

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The Stillwater Balloon Festival was short on balloons and proved to be a deflating experience for both customers and vendors.

Foshee said she showed up to the festival. However, she ended up leaving after two hours.

“Spent over $1,000 preparing food, paying for employees to work,” she said.

According to Foshee, she was scheduled to attend the same festival three years ago. That one was cancelled due to weather. Her business, though, was suffering after COVID-19 put a damper on 2020.

“I was like, ‘OK, you know what, I’m going to try for this because I need this,’” Foshee said. “You’re really frustrated, you’re really upset.”

The event organizer, Kevin Anderson, sent KFOR a lengthy memo where he said no refunds will be given. He also said, “For those who purchased tickets to the 2021 Red Bud Balloon Festival without reading the refund policy, I encourage you to thoroughly (sic) read the policies for the tickets you are purchasing.”

However, KFOR tried to learn more about the festival itself. Angela Shen and I tried to reach Anderson by going to his place of business, calling, texting and emailing him. However, we did not receive a response.

“Hopefully, he’ll never do this again because it hurts people,” Foshee said.

Anderson’s full memo can be read below.

Folds of Honor was listed as a sponsor for the event and their name and logo was used. However, they sent KFOR a statement saying they were not at all affiliated with the event.

“Folds of Honor does not have any affiliation with the Stillwater Balloon Festival or any of its organizers. Our name and logo were used without permission and we were not made aware we would receive any proceeds. Folds of Honor does not sponsor events, as we are a nonprofit organization, and would typically be the beneficiary of such an event.”