CYRIL, Okla. (KFOR) – As the search for four-year old Athena Brownfield continues, OSBI announced the first perceivable break in the case Thursday, with the arrest of a caretaker.

Alysia Adams was arrested Thursday afternoon on two complaints of child neglect, days after Athena Brownfield was reported missing in the town of Cyril, in Caddo County.

Athena and her sister were supposed to be in the care of Adams and her husband when she went missing.

“Alysia Adams was arrested today at 4:12pm on 2 counts of child neglect. The counts are related to the two sisters 4 and 5 who were in her and her husband’s care,” said Brook Arbeitman, OSBI.

image of Alysia Adams
Alysia Adams, phot provided by Caddo County Sheriff

Adams’s husband was not arrested, and police declined to comment when asked if he could be.

In a town so small, people say they’re really more like a big family, the latest development has brought only temporary relief.

“I just hope she’s found. I mean, it would be best if she was alive, but at this point, I’m worried that’s not going to be the outcome. And that’s heartbreaking,”  said Maurica Gordon-Roberts who lives with her family around the corner from the home were Athena reportedly was staying.

In an interview Thursday with KFOR Gordon-Roberts and her husband shared their version of what happened in the days leading up to Athena’s disappearance.

“Athena was going from the porch to the backyard, playing with the dog, running [and] she just seemed happy as could be at that point,” said Maurica Gordon-Roberts.

That was the last image she and her husband Tracy Roberts said they have of the little neighbor girl.

They said they haven’t seen Athena or any other children in or around the home since last Thursday but knew something was amiss when they found a small bike in the middle of the road right by the house, with no kids in sight.

“My first thought was, was there a kid out here this late? I mean, why would this bike be in the middle of the road,” she added.

Gordon-Roberts said there have been threats against their family since they’ve spoken out.

“Now we’re getting threats against our family saying that we need to be investigated. We haven’t done anything wrong, but speak up about what we did,” she said.

“I don’t care how small it is. The smallest detail could break open the biggest case.