CUSTER COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – A surprising new twist in the case of a Clinton teacher who was accused on Facebook of sending racist messages. Investigators say they now believe the posts were made by someone else nearly 90 miles away.

“It affected her career,” said Detective Luis De La Torre, with the Clinton Police Department. ” “She began getting threatening messages from all kinds of people.”

In October 2022, this hate-filled message was shared to the Clinton High School Facebook page. Clinton Police said it was a TikTok screenshot, from what appeared to be teacher Ashley Kelley’s Facebook, saying derogatory things against Native Americans. It also included a racial slur.

Redacted message.

“She talked to an officer and said that she believes her Facebook was hacked or cloned,” said the detective.

However, the damage was already done. Messages, posts, and emails poured in “calling her names, threatening her and her family. Some of the messages mention death.”

Clinton Schools eventually placed Kelley on leave.

New court documents revealed the teacher suspected it was her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, Casee Hughes, “because on October 11th 2022, Casee began harassing her on Facebook.”

A break in the case came in January after TikTok sent Clinton Police information on the account where the screenshot originated from.

“Through that email, I was able to link Casee Hughes to it,” said Detective De La Torre. “The way I was able to identify her, that she was arrested in Moore, and she had used her email to get a receipt for payment of that citation she received.”

Now, there is a warrant out for Hughes’ arrest for two felony charges.

“Ms. Kelley has been working with authorities for months to bring to justice the person responsible for besmirching her good name and reputation as an educator and person.  In a matter of a few clicks her career and personal life were put in jeopardy   She is relieved charges have been filed and will let the process play out in court. ” – Peter L. Scimeca, defense attorney. 

Hughes has not yet been arrested.

News 4 tried to get a hold of Hughes multiple times, but were unable. Court documents list her race as being Native American.