OKALHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A large, softball-inspired art piece is being installed at the USA Softball Hall of Fame Complex.

According to the City of OKC, the piece, named “Trajectory”, was developed by artist Pete Beeman who will use a crane to install steel arcs forming the trajectory of a softball bouncing from the top of the Hall of Fame Stadium.

The sculpture’s focal point is a 3-foot diameter glass sphere that looks like its been hit out of the park and embedded in the stadium’s plaza.

Officials say the $200,000 art piece was funded through Oklahoma City’s 1% for the Arts program.

Beeman makes his art in Portland and New York City. He went to Brown and Stanford Universities in art, engineering and design. Beeman’s work is usually kinetic and interactive, industrial and playful. Much of his work is permanent public art.

Among other placed, Beeman has art in Oregon, Taiwan and North Carolina.