OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – On Tuesday, Don Knight, the attorney for death row inmate Richard Glossip called the upcoming execution unfair and demanded legislation change in order to stop it.

“We were entitled to five members but we got four,” said Knight. “It’s a glaring problem in the Oklahoma statutes that have put Richard in danger.”

On Tuesday, Glossip’s attorney asked the Oklahoma County District Court to throw out that hearing and stop his execution.

In a rare move, Attorney General Gentner Drummond this week, asked the Supreme Court to stay Glossip’s execution.

“If you have the state saying his execution shouldn’t happen then let’s see what can happen federally, I have high hopes,” said Knight.

Glossip was initially charged with accessory to murder on Jan. 15, 1997, after the murder of his boss, Barry Van Treese.

Knight said there were multiple filings before the court that laid out the case that the State of Oklahoma is refusing to grant Glossip a new trial, especially with so much new evidence coming to light and new support for AG Drummond.

“It’s unthinkable that the state of Oklahoma could actually think about killing someone that the attorney general now says did not receive a fair trial,” said Knight.

Outside of Lazarus Community, 25 crosses were repainted in honor of the 25 Oklahomans set to be executed.

“I’ve learned to forgive,” said SueZann Bosler.

As the Oklahoma Attorney General goes to the Supreme Court, a group of Oklahoma faith leaders from across the state are asking Gov. Kevin Stitt and legislators to save Glossip’s life.

Years ago, Bosler says she and her father were attacked, her father eventually would die while SueZann suffered massive head wounds.

She said the killer was set to be put to death but she was able to speak out against it and help stop it.

“When I forgave him from my heart I was a new woman,” said Bosler. “I’m right here today for that reason, to save people’s lives.”

A rally is planned to be held at the state Capitol according to the group Save Richard Glossip.

“Think of how devastating this would be to his family, his loved ones,” said Knight.

The court filing says the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board failed to seat an impartial replacement member to ensure that Glossip had a trial before a five-member board, which he says is required by the Oklahoma Constitution.

“We need everyone to stand up to this decision and we need legislation changed now or else an innocent man is going to die,” said Knight.

Drummond said his final decision is based on careful consideration of the law and what he deemed is in the best interests of justice. The AG added that the Glossip case has been “long dogged by doubt and controversy.”

“After thorough and serious deliberation, I have concluded that I cannot stand behind the murder conviction and death sentence of Richard Glossip,” he said. “This is not to say I believe he is innocent. However, it is critical that Oklahomans have absolute faith that the death penalty is administered fairly and with certainty. Considering everything I know about this case, I do not believe that justice is served by executing a man based on the testimony of a compromised witness.”