OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A newly-surfaced contract shows an attorney, who is now facing felony drug trafficking charges, was once paid for consulting work at the Oklahoma State Health Department.

The 11-page contract, obtained by News 4, shows attorney Matt Stacy was once hired to help Dr. Lance Frye while the doctor transitioned to Interim Health Commissioner of the OSDH.

Last week, Stacy was charged in a 13-count felony indictment from the State’s multi-county grand jury. Agents with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics said Stacy helped “international drug trafficking organizations engaged in industrial-scale black-market marijuana manufacturing and trafficking,” illegally jump into the medical marijuana business, by paying Oklahomans to sign on as “ghost owners.”

Stacy’s attorney, Joe White, said Stacy denies any wrong-doing.

“The behavior of the individual named in these indictments is criminal,” said Mark Woodward shortly after the charges surfaced.

During the pandemic, White said the National Guard appointed Lieutenant Colonel Stacy to Executive Officer for the Secretary of Health as well as Science and Innovation. After those orders ended, Governor Kevin Stitt brought Stacy in to help with the state’s COVID-19 hospitalization surge.

In June of 2020, Stacy was selected by the OSDH as a private contractor to quote, “provide recommendations to Dr. Frye regarding strategy, personnel, and organization” while the doctor moved into his new role.

However, Stacy was not allowed to give any advice relating to the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority.

The contract shows Stacy was paid $300 an hour.

Stacy also gave the maximum political contribution to both Attorney General John O’Connor and Governor Stitt’s re-election campaigns. Stitt’s campaign team told News 4 that money is going to charity, while O’Connor said that gift doesn’t shield Stacy from “the consequence of criminal conduct.”

“The fact of the matter is the contract was legal, it was vetted — at the request of my client — by the AG, the work was performed at below market rate and was not only adequate but exemplary. None of the people involved with this effort who might attest to Matt’s leadership and performance on this contract have been asked to weigh in. Instead this story is being driven by accusations from anonymous sources who seemingly possess no knowledge of the work performed, the exemplary manner in which it was performed or the outcomes it produced. Instead, these nameless and faceless accusers are to somehow able to besmirch Matt Stacy’s reputation with innuendo and uninformed conjecture.” – Attorney Joe White.

Late Tuesday afternoon, White sent News 4 a spreadsheet of what he said are Stacy’s work hours. We are still going over the document and will be reaching out to the State Health Department to verify the work history and the $204,000 he charged the state for that work.