OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Attorney General of Oklahoma, John M. O’Conner has announced a Nationwide Anti-Robocall Task Force.

The Anti-Robocall Litigation Task Force consists of 50 attorneys general who handle legal repercussions against illegal robocalls.

“Over 33 million scam robocalls are made to Americans every day,” said Attorney General O’Connor. “These scam calls include Social Security Administration fraud against seniors, Amazon scams against consumers, and many other scams targeting all consumers, including some of our most vulnerable citizens. An estimated $29.8 billion was stolen through scam calls in 2021. Most of this scam robocall traffic originates overseas.”

Here are tips to avoid scams and unwarranted calls:

  • Pay close attention to callers asking you to pay by gift card, wire transfer or cryptocurrency.
  • Look out for prerecorded calls. They are typically looking for social security and the Social Security Administration does not usually make phone calls to individuals.
  • If you believe it is a scam call, hang up immediately and do not provide any personal information.

Contact their Consumer Protection Division at 405-521-2029 or by email at ConsumerProtection@oag.ok.gov.

File a Do Not Call or Text complaint here.