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HARRAH, Okla. (KFOR) – A water buffalo was loose and on the run, running from pasture to pasture Monday in Harrah, Oklahoma.

“I think that’s it,” said KFOR Chopper 4 pilot Mason Dunn.

“You ever seen anything like this?” KFOR asked Oscar Dillingham, a neighbor in the area where it was running around.

“Oh no,” Dillingham said. “Nuh uh.”

Even residents like Dillingham, who has lived in Harrah since 1982 couldn’t believe it.

“He’s got to be pulling my leg, a water buffalo? That’s a long way from home,” Dillingham said. “They got to be mistaking him for cattle or oversized deer or something and just think it’s a water buffalo. But it’s pretty hard to mistake a water buffalo.”

Several trucks and law enforcement made their way around the perimeter of farmlands. KFOR crews even got close enough at one point to see it in person. At times the water buffalo made its way into heavily wooded areas.

“Right now, it’s in this tree line, I don’t know if it’s hiding or what, but we haven’t seen it in the last five minutes,” Dunn said.

Eventually it emerged again.

“There he is out in the middle of the field,” Dunn said. “He’s running.”

Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Deputies and UTVs followed close behind.

“I heard them take a shot,” Dillingham said.

Several shots were fired at different points in the chase, including near Dillingham’s home.

“There’s got to be somebody they were looking for, I guess,” Dillingham said.

It’s unclear who owns it or even where it’s from. No one was around to claim it before authorities and others chasing it eventually caught up and were forced to put it down.

“It was kind of wild,” Dillingham said.

Harrah police, Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Deputies and even some regular Harrah citizens were involved in the chase.