OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – It’s a big bust KFOR first brought to you in mid-February. A restaurant thought to be normal, until a complaint came in and authorities investigated it.

“There’s the opportunity for fines and also the revocation of their licenses with back-to-back offenses like this,” said Director of the Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission, or ABLE.

The investigation into Lucky Zhang’s near NW 23rd Street and Classen Boulevard dates to November. A simple complaint of staying open past legal operating hours with a license to sell alcohol put the business under the microscope. So, the ABLE Commission and Oklahoma City Police Department went to look.

“They found evidence that alcohol was being served after hours,” Clabes said. “There was evidence of illegal narcotics, and there was also evidence that there was illegal alcohol on the premises.”

Clabes said not only did they find alcohol, but he believes they found ketamine inside as well. So, they seized the business and police arrested the owner. Eventually, police executed a search warrant on the business.

“They recovered evidence of several criminal activities,” Clabes said.

“They’re operating outside the scope of what they’re allowed to do,” said Sgt. Dillon Quirk with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Quirk said it was possible that illegal gambling was taking place inside as well. Fast forward to January when ABLE agents and police officers showed up for a compliance check. Although the doors were locked, police and ABLE agents eventually got in.

“Alcohol was being served after hours. Alcohol on premise that shouldn’t be allowed,” Clabes said.

  • Ke Xiang Chen. Image courtesy OK County Jail.
  • Lihna Lin. Image courtesy OK County Jail.
  • Rui Chan Lin. Image courtesy OK County Jail.
  • Lian Fang Wu. Image courtesy OK County Jail.

Several people associated with the business were arrested. Clabes said fines and potential revocation of their license is possible in the future.

“We’ve had two offenses within two months, a short time frame and the same offenses,” Clabes said. “So, it is concerning to us.”

Clabes said their legal team is still discussing what action should be taken against the business. Oklahoma City police are investigating the criminal side of things. Fines from ABLE could be into the thousands of dollars. If their license gets revoked, the business can no longer operate.