PURCELL, Okla. (KFOR) – A skipped jury trial led to an hours-long barricade situation in Purcell Wednesday. Dozens of law enforcement surrounded the home as they were led to believe the suspect was armed.

The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office reported that the barricaded suspect was 54-year-old Michael Jackson, who is facing charges for drug trafficking.

When he did not show up for jury trial on Wednesday at the Cleveland County Courthouse, the judge signed off on a warrant for deputies.

“Several of our deputies and investigators came out just to find him and once they made contact, that’s when he barricaded himself inside,” said Hunter McKee, the public information officer for the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office.

When Jackson wouldn’t come out of his house on 250th St., dozens of backup personnel were called from Oklahoma Highway Patrol and the Mcclain County Sheriff’s Office.

“He just refused to come out, barricaded himself, and obviously we went through all of this out of extra precaution because he claimed that he had a gun,” McKee explained.

Now dealing with a potentially armed suspect, law enforcement spent more than three hours persuading Jackson to come outside. He eventually did, was taken into custody, and could have some new charges tagged onto the drug trafficking ones he’s already facing.

“People need to understand that we take great precaution with these types of situations,” McKee said. “We didn’t know if he was armed or not inside of his house and even though it’s a rural area, there still are some homes around. So, we have to make sure the area is as secure as possible and that’s the reason there was such a big response. You just never know how these things will turn out, and luckily and we’re very grateful that it turned out peaceful.”

Jackson now sits in the Cleveland County Detention Center.