EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – An Edmond home has been painted black after an early morning fire and explosion happened inside.

At 6:25 a.m. on Thursday, Edmond fire crews were called to a house fire near I-35 and E. 15th St.

“Our crews went directly inside, certified to fight this fire from the inside and then in the middle of this fire, not what caused the fire, but in the middle of this fire, while they were fighting it, they reported this was an explosion,” said the Public Information Officer for the Edmond Fire Department, Chief Chris Denton.

The explosion blew out the second story floor and part of the home’s right side, caved the garage ceiling in and knocked the garage door down.

Firefighters immediately evacuated and began battling the flames in what they call a “defensive mode.”

Chief Denton said the firefighters on scene described the explosion as “very loud” and associated the sound with Fourth of July fireworks.

Firefighters were able to get the fire knocked down by early afternoon.

The investigation into where this fire originated is underway, but Chief Denton told KFOR investigators have narrowed it down to the back side of the home.

Natural gas has been ruled out as a cause as OG&E conducting standard testing on the home’s gas and told Edmond Fire investigators everything looked good.

Chief Denton said the cause for an explosion could be a multitude of things ranging from a lack of oxygen to gas products.

The house may be salvageable, but Chief Denton said every room has some sort of fire or smoke damage.

However, it could’ve been worse if it wasn’t for the attic door being shut, according to Chief Denton.

The attic contained a decent bit of smoke and fire which “saves and buys time.”

Chief Denton recommends checking smoke detectors regularly, always having an escape plan, closing doors before bed, and teaching children what to do in case of a fire.

The family of four in this fire did make it out safely. No injuries have been reported.

The family has declined an interview at this time.

Chief Denton said it should take no more than 72 hours to wrap up their investigation, but it depends on their findings.