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NICHOLS HILLS, Okla. (KFOR) – A now former Nichols Hills Public Works employee, Kelvin Green, is facing felony charges after allegedly swindling residents out of hundreds of dollars.

“These allegations are deeply disturbing. We have this great relationship with our residents, and they put a lot of trust in us,” said Shane Pate II, the Nichols Hills City Manager. “This is not something we will tolerate here.”

You may remember last week, KFOR first told you about Green convincing a woman to let him help fix her fence. Court documents reveal he overcharged her about $350 for the repair.

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Kelvin Green

Green is also accused of receiving loans from two residents and not paying them back.

He has since been charged for three counts of exploitation of an elderly or disabled adult. According to the Oklahoma State Courts Network, his $20,000 bond has been paid.

However, Nichols Hills officials don’t believe those two are the only victims.

“We have reason to believe that additional residents may come forward with similar allegations,” said Pate.

Court documents also show Green admitted to “sometimes” being in his city uniform when asking for the money.

Pate confirmed that Green no longer works for the city. However, Nichols Hills officials are now working to earn back the public’s trust.

“It’s unfortunate that perhaps, you know, one situation has taken advantage of that trust. But, as you can tell, I think we’ve quickly responded to that,” said Pate.

Pate added that the city is also sending all of its public works managers to leadership training and created an extra manager position to divide responsibilities and promote transparency with resident actions.

Residents who loaned Green money that hasn’t been returned are encouraged to contact the Nichols Hills Police Department.