OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma City’s City Council is revisiting the issue of keeping chickens in the backyard.

Current city law states a resident must live on an acre of land to raise chickens in Oklahoma City.

A proposed ordinance currently up for consideration allows residents on smaller lots to raise chickens as well.

The OKC City Council heard from those who support the idea and those who oppose it.

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Chickens in a backyard.

“Chickens can attract predators to your yard where it’s a snake, hawk or even a rat. They’re attracted to the animal, their feed and their eggs,” said Laura Johnson, who opposes the proposal. “I believe that provides a risk to human health and safety in the neighborhoods.”

“I think we need to be growing food in the city as well as in the country,” said Pat Hoerth Batchelder, who supports the proposal. “We can still be a world class city for people from out of state, but growing food seems to be more and more critical for our wellbeing.”

The proposal would limit residents to six chickens, require they be sheltered in a coop and roosters would not be allowed.

City Council could take a final vote on the matter at its next meeting on Feb. 1.