GUTHRIE, Okla. (KFOR) – 11,000 cans and bottles of alcohol are now sitting behind bars at the old Logan County Jail, after the Oklahoma ABLE Commission confiscated the alcohol from a local gas station.

Confiscated alcohol behind bars at the former Logan Co. jail. Image KFOR.

“The laws are pretty specific,” said Brandon Clabes, the ABLE Commission Director. “If you just follow the law, you’re going to be in good standing, with not only us, but the state of Oklahoma.”

As first reported by the Guthrie News Page, the shelves that once held beer and wine at Petty’s Pit Stop, near Douglas and Charter Oak, are now bare.

Clabes said the convenience store owner applied for a license. When agents checked with the Secretary of State, they realized the business had been sold in December and were still operating under the old license. That’s something Clabes said is illegal.

“Not only was he operating under the old license from December of 2021, which was a completely different business, but that license actually expired in August and he didn’t apply for a license with ABLE until September,” said Clabes.

When agents finally got to the store, Clabes said they spotted a customer walking out with a beer in hand. That’s when agents confronted the owner, cited him for unlawful sale of beer and wine, and took the booze.

“Unfortunately by statute, the county that it’s seized in the sheriff is responsible for maintaining that property,” said Clabes. “And they have the same issue that we do as far as storage space.”

Deputies were able to find the perfect spot, in the old cells of the former Logan County Jail. However, it took deputies three hours to move the 12,000 pounds of beer and wine into the cell.

Now, it’s up to a judge and the district attorney to decide what happens to it.

“Typically, that property is destroyed or seized, and it’s not given back to the person who bought it,” said Clabes.

The ABLE Commission said the owner is facing misdemeanor complaints, which is punishable up to 6 months in jail and a fine of $2,500.

An employee inside the store told News 4 this was all just a big misunderstanding.