OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A beloved fall favorite is back in downtown Oklahoma City.

On Friday, Pumpkinville opened its gates at the Myriad Gardens, welcoming families of all ages.

From pumpkins to puppets, there’s something for everyone at Pumpkinville.

“We absolutely love it,” said mom Maryam Kari. “I know there’s so many good places to take pictures and fun activities for the kids. Beniscio [Kari’s son] loves to take pictures so it’s a great spot.”

On a fall-like Friday morning, families flocked downtown to the Myriad Botanical Gardens for Pumpkinville.

“We have a bigger layout this year,” said Pumpkinville organizer, Emmy French. “We’ve made it even bigger. We’ve added vendors, you know, we’ve extended the footprint of the festival to allow even more people to come.”

Even more people and more pumpkins than you could ever imagine – around 30,000 to be exact – all organized perfectly for fall fun.

“Our theme is Witches and Wizards, and it celebrates all the different famous witches and wizards in throughout pop culture,” French said. “Then inside the gardens as well, you can like kind of pretend you are a witch or wizard and just playing on themes of magic and magical creatures and fantasy a little bit and I think it should be fun for the whole family.”

Speaking of magical creatures – there’s one you certainly won’t miss.

“The Big Dragon is made by one of our favorite artists,” said Pumpkinville organizer Kristen Milburn. “His name is Nick Beyer. He does incredible work, can work with any material. We really wanted to mirror that after kind of Diagon Alley. So we’re calling that Myriad Alley.”

Taking a tour of Pumpkinville – it’s no surprise it was named Top Pumkin Patch in a recent USA Today Poll.

“We were up against some tough competition, so it really means a lot to us to be so loved by the community,” Milburn said. 

“We were thrilled that Oklahoma City loves us so much and they come back every year and it just gets better and better,” said French. 

Pumpkinville runs through October 23rd.

Admission is $9 per person, but kids under two and Myriad Botanical Gardens members get in for free.