Correction: A typo in the original has been fixed.

BETHANY, Okla (KFOR) – There are drinking water concerns for residents in Bethany after E-coli was found in water samples.

That finding has led to the city of Bethany being advised to take the extra step of boiling the water used for cooking and drinking. 

Some residents say it’s creating some headaches this holiday weekend.

“When it’s nice outside you want to go out and play in the water and right now, we can’t.” Said Terri McGee

The Bethany grandmother says she can’t let her granddaughter play in the sprinklers right now because of a letter posted on doors on her street. It’s a boil order from the city of Bethany saying E-coli had been found in drinking water samples in the area close to 25th and council.

“E-coli is just not something that you want to risk for anybody, at any age, at any point in their life.” Said Bethany resident Dustin Larsen.

It is reportedly a localized problem but officials telling all Bethany residents to boil water for a full minute for water used in food preparation, dishwashing, brushing teeth and drinking. Those with weakened immune systems need to be extra cautious with the potentially deadly bacteria. 

“Yeah its inconvenient. its inconvenient.” Said Marc Fowler.

The boil order making bottled water a hot commodity. Some store shelved have been emptied in Bethany.

The Bethany Fire Department started to give out free water to residents on Saturday but quickly ran out.

“We go to go get lunch and we are turned away from three different places in Bethany because they can’t serve because the water is not in a drinkable usable place.” Said Larsen.

Some residents outside the localized zone are concern about the lack of notification and a timeline on when the water will be safe again. They say they are also tired of water problems in the city.

“We drank the water all day on Saturday we didn’t find out until 8pm.” Said Larsen. ”This will be the third time since we’ve lived here that we have had an issue with the water.”

“It just seems to be a constant problem in Bethany.”said Fowler.

Bethany City hall closed for the holiday weekend and phone calls to officials were not answered. The DEQ says  “Users will be notified when the water is considered safe for human consumption.”