WASHINGTON (KFOR) – A Congresswoman from Oklahoma has introduced a bill that she says will help servicemembers transition into civilian life.

Rep. Stephanie Bice introduced the Security Clearance Portability for Departing Servicemembers Act with Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) and Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI).

Officials say the bill works to expand employment opportunities for servicemembers as they transition into civilian national security contractor positions.

The measure makes it easier to transfer Department of Defense security clearances.

“American businesses of all sizes are still facing workforce shortages, and that certainly includes defense and intelligence contractors,” Rep. Bice said. “My legislation, the Security Clearance Portability for Departing Servicemembers Act, seeks to allow those departing military service to transition smoothly and effectively into the private sector. At a time when we are seeing increased military aggression from our adversaries, we must take every step to maintain our military advantage and preparedness. This commonsense legislation will streamline the clearance process while also assisting those transitioning from active duty service.”

Specifically, the bill would require the department to treat previously held security clearances as active for the purposes of future employment for one year after a servicemember leaves military service.

After the one-year window, the bill would facilitate reactivation up to three years.

Officials stress that the measure has safeguards to prevent clearance reactivation for those who leave the military under other than honorable conditions.