OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A bill that gives families working at Oklahoma military bases greater access to childcare has been signed into law.

Senate Bill 1286 allows the Department of Defense’s resources to be used for the licensing of child care to serve military bases in the state.

Sen. Brenda Stanley, (R-Midwest City), and Sen. Frank Simpson, (R-Springer), met with officials at Tinker Air Force Base and at Fort Sill to find a way to address the tremendous need for additional child care.

Stanley said part of the problem was a backlog of up to a year for the child care licensing process through the state.

However, she says the Department of Defense has more stringent standards and greater resources to help address the issue.

 “Now that this legislation has been signed into law, we can take advantage of those resources to speed up the process and make sure our military and civilian families have access to the child care they need,” Stanley said. 

SB 1286 took effect upon the governor’s signature.  

“As a military spouse and mother, I remember the struggles in finding quality child care for our children. These child care providers already undergo extensive background checks through the U.S. Department of Defense’s program, which has very high standards,” said Rep. Nicole Miller, (R-Edmond). “This opens up more options for our military families in choosing what works best for their child’s needs.”