OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Residents in northeast Oklahoma City had some interesting visitors this week.

A bison, water buffalo, and two bulls were found wandering in a northeast OKC neighborhood.

Bison, buffalo and bulls found in NE OKC. Image KFOR.
Bison, buffalo and bulls found in NE OKC. Image KFOR.

“Basically I got a phone call from my neighbor saying ‘Did you realize we had a bison in the neighborhood?’ and I said ‘what?'”, said neighbor Chuckie Hill. “And he said ‘yeah’ and showed me a picture.”

According to officials, the four animals made their way into the neighborhood, but it was unclear where they came from. Neighbors worked together to round them up and put them in a nearby pasture then reached out to KFOR for help.

“I said you’ve got to come see this. I said how many people have bison and water buffalo just wandering their backyards?” Hill added.

News 4 spoke with former water buffalo owner and Director of Baptist Relief Services, Sam Porter, who contacted another friend in hopes to track down the owners.

The owners were found and the animals have been returned. Turns out, the animals are used in roping demonstrations for a local rodeo company.