BLANCHARD, Okla. (KFOR) – A fifth grader in Blanchard is being hailed a hero. Thanks to his quick thinking and courage, he saved his friend from choking at lunch.

11-year-old Vollie Hines had no idea that by end of lunch period on Thursday at Blanchard Intermediate School, he’d have saved someone’s life.

“I looked over and the friend was blood red, and he was kind of like over the table,” he remembered. “Then I heard him gasp for air. So then I was like, OK, he’s choking. I need to go over there and do the Heimlich.”

The tale goes that Vollie yelled “Heimlich” multiple times as he ran over to apply it. And after a round of thrusts to the abdomen, a potato chip fell out of his friend’s mouth.

Photo courtesy KFOR, Vollie Hines

“It was like relief, like finally, he’s going to be okay,” Vollie said, admitting that he was nervous for his friend.

Principal Paula Floyd shared that praises for Vollie are coming in from all over the community, and that the 5th grader who was choking is thankful to have him as a friend.

“This young student’s grateful,” she said. “His parents are grateful that Vollie stepped in as quick as he did. You always worry about what kids will do in situations like that and Vollie didn’t take any time to think about it. He did what needed to be done.”

And obviously, Vollie has proud parents at home.

“Very proud,” his mother Khristen Hines said. “He still has to do his chores, though, but very proud. Heroes still do chores.”

Blanchard Intermediate’s mascot is a lion and for Vollie’s heroics, they posted on Facebook that he showed “the courage of a TRUE LION!!!”