BLANCHARD, Okla. (KFOR) — Blanchard homeowner Gary Lytle said he’s been dealing with flooding since he first brought his house in 1990. He said the city told him three months ago that they would fix the issue but Lytle said he’s still waiting for that solution.

“It’s really a stress to me,” expressed Lytle. “The tinhorns are too small.”

The tinhorns at the creek west of Lytle’s home are supposed to make water flow under the road, but he says they’re too small and when it pours, the area around his home floods.

“Almost got into the house. This whole area back here was underwater all the way around my house, all the way around the neighbor’s house behind me,” said Lytle.

During the last flood in July, Lytle said he couldn’t get to his storm shelter.

“My wife and I are now are afraid to go down in, you know, any time because you don’t want to get down and drown,” explained Lytle.

Blanchard city leaders told News 4 it will take a lot more than new drainage to fix the issue.

“The problem we have is this is a utility is not a drainage easement,” stated Robert Floyd, City Manager of Blanchard. “His house below grade is below the, you know, the street grade is up here and there’s houses and land down here.”

Floyd said they’re working to stop the flooding and end Lytle’s nightmare.

“I have been fussing at him for over 30 years for one bunch or another, and nobody wants to be doing anything,” said Lytle.

The city manager also said they’ll meet with the city attorney to discuss possible solutions.