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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma interim head football coach Bob Stoops is set to receive a one-time payment of $325,000 for his postseason coaching contribution, including recruiting.

University President Joe Harroz said Stoops tried to decline it twice, so they stopped asking him and are giving it to him anyway.

Stoops is stepping in as the interim head coach following the departure of Lincoln Riley, trying to stabilize the program until a new hire is made.

“I’m really glad that Stoops stepped forward,” said Noah Bryant, a student at the university.

“He’s got us when we’re down,” said Ryan Abbot, another student at the university.

A lot of support from students came down for Stoops on Thursday as he steps to the plate for the remainder of the 2021 football season.

“I think it’s a pretty good opportunity for us,” said Grace Sorensen, a student at the university.

Stoops is set to make a one time payment of $325,000 for his postseason coaching contribution that includes him hitting the recruiting trail.

This payment is being added on to his salary he had in his retirement, which is also $325,000, since he was still on the payroll as the Special Assistant to the Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics Programs and Director of Athletics.

“I think it’s necessary,” said Tyler Earnest, a student at the university. “He’s a legend here.”

The payment is coming from the athletic department that made just over $163 million in revenue in the fiscal year of 2018 and 2019.

ou board of regents meeting
OU Board of Regents

Harroz spoke with the media after Thursday’s board of regents meeting and said despite the loss of Lincoln Riley, the program is moving forward.

“I don’t know where you got the phrase ‘the sky is falling,’ it’s not,” Harroz said in response to a reporter question. “We’re making a head coaching change. The program as he has said is way bigger than one person.”

Harroz also spoke on the coaching search and said he is just as curious as we all are, but it’s moving through its process.

“Castiglione’s out there right now working on it, we know time is of the essence,” Harroz said.

There was no timeline set for when a decision is going to be made.

Harroz used the word ‘stealthy’ when referring to athletic director Joe Castiglione’s process.

At Monday’s news conference Stoops said he would be the head coach until they hire someone.

When asked if that could last until after the bowl game, Stoops said “Joe won’t take that long.”