SHAWNEE, Okla. (KFOR) – Two people accused of stealing from storm victims now find themselves locked up. Police didn’t have to go far to find evidence of the crimes.  

Shawnee Police said they were called near Optimist Park. Someone spotted two people walking with a wagon full of items. Turns out, police said the duo had just stolen from tornado victims. 

New body cam video shows David Teater begging not to be arrested. 

“We didn’t know. Please man, please I’m begging you,” said Teater, accused of stealing from storm victims.

Police said David Teater and Kelli Watson are accused of stealing several items like backpacks, a bicycle pump, two bicycles and romex wire from a home that was hit by the April 19th tornado. Fortunately, officers were able to return those items back to the victim. 

“They were able to be returned to the victim,” said Vivian Lozano, Corporal and PIO of Shawnee Police Department.  

Jackie Bade lives near the area where the arrests happened.  

She lost a part of her home in the tornado. She said she and her husband decided to stay after the storms, concerned thieves would strike. She said that portion of her home is exposed.  

“Our possessions are things we didn’t want people to just come in and start taking them because they felt they could… Everything was exposed at that point. You could come through the yard, the front yard, side yard, back yard, the fencing was gone,” said Jackie Bade, Shawnee homeowner.  

She said fortunately no one has stolen from her home, but believes it’s because they decided to stay and protect their belongings. 

“We did the right thing by staying here. It might not have been as comfortable had we left, but it was it was good,” said Bade.  

Bade is sad to hear of looting so close to her home. 

“It’d be terrible that you would think people would come and take advantage of your devastation like that, you know, just on top of everything,” said Bade. 

The two suspects accused of looting, Teater and Watson were booked for second degree burglary, concealing stolen property and larceny of copper during a state of an emergency.

Police said this case proves why it’s important for storm victims to secure their belongings the best they can.  

“As far as the actual victims or the people with their houses that have been destroyed, try to take all their expensive stuff with them. I mean, it’s going to be hard, but if you leave it, more than likely people are going to find it and just try to take it with them. Conceal it somehow where it’s not just seen as people are walking by,” said Lozano.  

Both of the suspects were taken to Pottawatomie County Public Safety Center Jail, and they still remain there today.  

The Shawnee Police Department encourages you to call them if you see people in the area who you don’t recognize and look suspicious.