OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma City Police Department is now releasing new body and dash camera video of a suspect wanted in a violent spree that spanned across the metro.

The video shows the man spitting on officers during that arrest. It also shows how bystanders stepped in to help police during the incident. 

Oklahoma City Police said it all started with a road rage incident on the city’s south side back in February. Police were arresting him for allegedly being involved in two car crashes, a carjacking and a physical fight. 

Dash camera video shows officers pulling up to the scene after they say the suspect, Antonio Ernst, got into a wreck and then got into a physical fight with the driver when the victim attempted to exchange information.   

“The suspect driver exited their vehicle, began striking the other driver in the head and in the face,” said MSgt. Dillon Quirk, Assistant PIO for Oklahoma City Police Department. 

Police said Ernst then stole the victim’s car, then crashed it several miles away at 164th and Penn where he attempted to run away but was held down by people nearby until the police arrived. 

Citizens hold down potential suspect at crash scene.
Citizens hold down potential suspect at crash scene. Image courtesy Heidi Lindsay.

The body camera video also shows two bystanders holding the suspect down as officers arrived and attempted to cuff him. 

You can see officers struggling to make the arrest as Ernst was resisting police.  

One angle of the video shows four people holding Ernst down, two officers and two witnesses.  

But then Ernst did something during his arrest that may have cost him even more time in jail. 

“He did spit onto Oklahoma City police officers during that interaction,” said Quirk.  

Officers continued to have trouble during the arrest as they attempted to buckle Ernst into the police car.  

You can also hear an officer trying to comfort him in the car. She said, “It’s alright, just take a breath, okay? Take a breath. We are going to try and do it that way we can help protect you.”  

But then, he spits on her again and continues to do so to the other officer as well. 

Police then put a spitting bag over his mouth, and he continued to resist as another officer buckled him in. 

During this incident he was arrested and booked into the Cleveland County Jail for charges including placing bodily fluids on a government employee, assault and battery, and robbery connected to stealing the victim’s car.   

He had just gotten out of jail two days prior for other reasons. 

Ernst has been previously convicted of possession of a controlled substance and stolen property.