EL RENO, Okla (KFOR) — Body camera footage has now been released showing the moments that followed the deadly Halloween party shooting over the weekend in El Reno.

In the video, officers are seen talking with witnesses and learning more about what may have happened.

“I was over there standing and they just started getting really aggressive, so i walked over here and they just started shooting,” someone said in the footage.

That conversation was minutes after police first got to the scene of the shooting.

Witnesses continued to talk to police on the footage.

“The white guy wanted street credit. They wanted to tell each other how tough one another is… My buddy wasn’t participating in it he was trying to avoid the situation but the big guy was pressing him on ‘I’m cool I got my stripes in the hood and the streets,'” another witness said.

Police spoke with the homeowner where the Halloween party was going on.

“So there’s a shed out back or a shop, that’s where they were at, they were never in the house. His daughter and all of her friends were out in the back shed and they came out front to smoke weed in the jeep,” said an officer.

Shortly after that, 20-year-old Justin Davidson was brain dead.

“I was in front of him trying to help him calm down the next thing I know he was collapsing in my arms and on the ground,” said Camyrnn Barker, victim’s girlfriend.

The body cam footage shows the suspect, Delsin Tsotigh, came back to the scene.

“This guy, the suspect after he shot him, drove that way and then came back, why he stopped I don’t know,” said an officer.

Tsotigh stayed at the scene the entire night.

“He stayed there because he thought he was okay,” said Jacob Tsotigh, grandfather and Vice Chairman of Kiowa Tribe.

Police talked to Tsotigh that night.

“I could tell you what happened? I can tell you what happened from the jump,” Delsin Tsotigh said on the footage.

As the question’s began, the officer wearing the camera walks off.

Tsotigh’s grandfather said he raised his grandson and believes this is the first time the 20-year-old has done something wrong.

Delsin is a good boy. El Reno, has historically been one of bias and discrimination and challenge for our native people. The assumption, by law enforcement, is that he was the instigator, the perpetrator,” said Tsotigh.

The suspect has not been officially charged and police say they are not aware of an investigation being conducted on the basis of race.