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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Nearly two months after a shooting at Penn Square Mall, we’re getting a better look at the chaos that ensued after the crime.

On Dec. 19, a gunman opened fire inside Penn Square Mall as hundreds of shoppers were there trying to buy last-minute Christmas gifts for loved ones.

“The gunshots were like one of them and then three or four after that,” one shopper said.

After hearing the gunshots near the Foot Locker store, chaos erupted across the mall as shoppers ran toward the exits or found places to take cover.

“Everybody started running,” a shopper said. “They were crying.”

Within minutes, police officers and SWAT team members swarmed the mall, searching for the alleged suspect.

On Wednesday, officials with the Oklahoma City Police Department released body camera footage from officers as they arrived at the scene.

As officers arrived at the mall, they immediately ran toward the building and began yelling for people to leave the area.

“Get out of the way, go! Get out of the way! There’s an active shooter. Move! You need to move,” one officer is heard yelling at shoppers in the parking lot.

Even after evacuating the mall, shoppers became stuck in long traffic lines as they tried to leave the scene.

As an officer got inside the mall, he asked a visibly shaken woman where the shooter is. At that point, another shopper told the officer that the shooter was leaving the building.

“He’s going out the south exit!” the officer is heard yelling to other officers at the mall.

The police immediately run toward another exit and tell shoppers to take cover as they reach another set of doors.

After searching the mall for several hours, investigators realized that the shooter had already left the area.

A short time later, they were able to identify the suspect as 24-year-old Elizha Sanders.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit, officials say Sanders and the victim have had issues in the past.  When they saw each other in the Foot Locker store, they got into an argument that turned into a physical fight.

Once the fight was over, witnesses say Sanders pulled out a gun and shot the victim.

“After the victim was shot he fell and began crawling out of the store. Sanders pursued the victim continuing to shoot at him,” the report states.

Sanders was arrested and charged with one count of assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

Court records indicate that a preliminary hearing conference in the case is set for March 3.