TULSA, Okla. (KFOR) – The Oklahoma State Board of Education (OSBE) announced Thursday the accreditation for Tulsa Public Schools with long lines and a lot of protestors at the board meeting.

According to the Board of Education, Tulsa Public Schools will maintain accreditation but the new status has strict guidelines that must be adhered to in compliance measures set forth by the OSDE.

OSDE meeting. Image courtesy OSDE public meeting.

The new status is accreditation with deficiencies.

Those accreditation guidelines are to include monthly in-person reports on the status of the district’s improvements. Tulsa Public Schools will maintain its local control according to the announcement.

OSDE meeting. Image courtesy OSDE public meeting.

Before the Tulsa Public School’s accreditation decision, State Superintendent Ryan Walters concluded in Tulsa an outline what he says were the four pillars that decide the future of Tulsa Public Schools.

“If we go back from 2018, Tulsa Public Schools had 21% of their students reading proficient,” Walters said. “Now they have 12%. This is tragic for Tulsa schools.”

He also claimed TPS misappropriated one million dollars and that 52% of all funds have gone toward administration.

Walters attributes the TPS accreditation struggle to the four pillars he outlined.

The Tulsa Superintendent resigned earlier this week amid the battle over accreditation.