SEMINOLE, Okla. (KFOR) – Crews will be cleaning up Seminole for many days to come.

This storm has even caused a boil alert for all residents.

“Until the waste water treatment plant can get up and running,” said Jon Withers, Seminole Police Chief.

With storefronts and homes badly damaged, there will be a curfew extended throughout the weekend. It will be from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., ending Monday morning.

Block after block, there are crews fixing power lines and neighbors helping chop up trees and branches.

On Jefferson Street, friends and family roam the neighborhood, helping everyone in sight. Chainsaws can be heard cutting through what is left of the storm. Assembly lines are created to get debris out of yards.

The night of the tornado left one family shaken. Kathrine Lena said her husband, mother in law, her grandson, her daughter in law and her boyfriend were all taking refuge in the bathroom.

“All we felt was the shaking of the house. This wall being really shaking. The bottom of the house felt like it was coming up a little bit, at the same time the roof was coming off,” said Lena, crouching in the bathtub to replicate Wednesday night.

For people like Lena, the Red Cross has set up a shelter on the campus of Seminole State College.

At the Kelley Haney Center, people can get food and water, they can charge their phones and laptops, and they can get supplies, such as tarps, shovels and rakes.

“Whatever they need to help start cleaning up and recover,” said Sherry Schauer, the disaster program specialist for south central and southeast Oklahoma.

Warm food is always needed in a time like this. Many residents are without power, so their refrigerators and ovens don’t work.

Boomarang Diner brought its food truck to the shelter and handed out 500 cheeseburgers. Understandably, that was where most people were hanging out.

Inside the shelter, residents that lost their homes rested up. Schauer said 30 people stayed Thursday night, which is up from 16 the night of the tornado.

Carl Patty is a veteran. His apartment was hit hard. He said until the damages are assessed by the apartment complex, he is not allowed into his room. Patty remained optimistic despite his setback and said there are resources that can help him plan for what to do next.

“There’s two vet reps here. I’ve already been assigned a case rep for my housing,” said Patty.

The entire community is focusing on this clean up effort.

Seminole Public Schools have canceled classes through Tuesday, May 10 out of respect for the recovery process.

If you are looking to support The Academy of Seminole, which took extensive damage Wednesday night, you can donate to their GoFundMe page.