OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An apartment complex was up in flames in Southwest Oklahoma City Saturday afternoon. Crews responded after a report of a child being trapped inside screaming for help at the Cape Cod Condominiums.

Apartment fire in OKC. Image KFOR.

The Oklahoma City Fire Department told KFOR one child about the age of four or five is in the hospital in serious condition after being found alone in the apartment complex. They say when firefighters arrived on scene, battling flames at the apartment, there was no parent inside. 

“They were able to fight through that fire and go inside. And then they immediately found the kid who was yelling for them and he was trapped in the living room. He had flames above him as well in the room. They were able to knock those flames down enough that they were able to get him outside. And then they began immediately treating him where they started to I.V. Our crews along with EMSA, also gave him a siren kit, which is what we typically do for serious smoke inhalation,” said David Shearer, shift commander Oklahoma City Fire Department.

The fire department says the child was trapped on the second floor in the living room, and that’s where the fire originated.  

“Whenever our crews first arrived, they said while they were exiting the building with the child, that is when the fire jumped the fire wall,” said Shearer.

The fire quickly grew in size.  

“It was the wind. Our initial crews were focused on rescue instead of fire attack, which is obviously the most important thing,” said Shearer.  

The child was transported to the Children’s Hospital where they say he’s in serious condition, but doing okay. 

“We also had several others who were evaluated by EMSA and they said there was no care needed on them…. We do have a total of ten units that were involved in fire, five on one side, a structure and five on the other side of the structure,” said Shearer.

The fire affected ten different units, and everyone in that single complex has been evacuated.   

“Most of these apartments are probably not going to be livable. I don’t know about all ten, but more than half of them probably will not be,” said Shearer.  

David Blankenchip said he lives in one of the units affected, and was able to make it out safely.  

“I just started grabbing stuff and got out as fast as I could… It looks like my apartment’s pretty messed up,” said David Blankenchip, lives in unit affected.

David Blankenchip is now figuring out next steps.

“I’ll start calling around and figuring out insurance and all that,” said Blankenchip

The office at the apartment is closed today, but we have reached out to them to see when or where residents affected will be placed for the time being.  

“They got to do something. They got to help us out some way or another,” said Blankenchip

The fire is now out, and officials are working to determine the cause. There are also no other reported injuries.